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ACSEU Ltd specialises in ventilation cleaning of commercial kitchens in the UK. Our aim is to help businesses keep their ventilation systems clean and working efficiently with our professional ventilation cleaning services. We are a well trusted commercial cleaning company keeping businesses across the UK compliant with all workplace (health, safety and welfare) regulations.

Over time the dust in your ventilation and air systems harbour microbial growth and contaminants, creating air pollution in your workplace. It is extrememly important to maintain the cleaning of any ductwork and ventilation systems in the building your company uses. This is paramount to the health and safety of your employees. Contact us today to schedule your commercial kitchen ventilation cleaning services and ensure your premises is safe, compliant and dirt free.

Did you know that it is a legal requirement to ensure your workplace meets health and safety regulations, including regular inspections of your ductwork and ventilation systems, and the removal and cleaning of dust and contaminants when required? ACSEU highly recommends the following steps to achieve a spotless, healthy ventilation system:

  1. Schedule routine inspections of ductwork and air systems to be visually inspected at regular intervals using our specialist Tegras equipment.
  2. Perform regular maintenance on HVAC systems and schedule filter changes, coil cleaning and other components.
  3. Schedule regular cleaning of your ductwork and air systems.
  4. Seal ductwork during building renovation to prevent dust entering the HVAC system.

We will also identify if you have any contaminated ductwork or ventilation, such as unclean moisture and water. If we find and contaminants in your ductwork and air system we will expertly advise how best to prevent and control this contamination and clean the mould growth and slime area. Regular cleaning of your kitchen ventilation system is not only crucial in ensuring it continues to function properly and safely, but also it will keep your kitchen clean and stop odours.

Specialist kitchen ventilation maintenance will extend the lifespan of your equipment and prove to be a shrewd investment for your business! Our team of experienced cleaning professionals are able to provide comprehensive ventilation cleaning services for commercial kitchens of all sizes. So why not contact us today for a free no obligation quote.

Professional Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Cleaning Near You

Here at ACSEU, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service in meeting your commercial cleaning needs. Our team will work closely with you to develop a customised cleaning plan that fits your specific schedule.

We use safe and effective cleaning methods to remove all types of dirt, grease and pollutants from your kitchen ventilation systems.

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